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07-27-2017 08:47
Thumb Up douwe

07-24-2017 11:59
Diamonbok, not only the theme is better, also the contents

07-23-2017 10:18
You're at the right spot, found v9 too unstable for official use. Will try for it again in the future.

07-22-2017 19:07
I was wondering the same thing...

07-21-2017 13:21
douwe, I was thinking the same, but I do prefer this theme.....

07-20-2017 11:45
Wow last time I visited this site it was V9, now back to V7?

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Shoutout to All PHP-Fusion 9 Devs and TestersPrint

PHP-FusionOur developer teams broke 2,000 commits code as of 12 hours ago ever since it landed on Github about approximately 6 months ago when we launched the V9 Beta 1. In average, 11 commits per day.

In total of these commits to date, 833,046 lines of code has been added, and 581,391 lines of codes have been deleted. That sums about 1,084,701 lines of codes reviewed since version 7.

Documentation OptimisationsPrint

PHP-FusionDocumentation optimisations have been required in order to reduce our information sources to a less divided state as compared to before this update.

Our new Documentation system will cover our needs.

Here is a list of the site changes with a short explanation attached to it,

The features list is quite hard to maintain, If we try to maintain it as it is designed today it will bloat.
Not many computer screens is wide enough for that in it?s current shape and form.
Features compare have been removed and replaced by a simple Features List

Server MigrationPrint

Server has migrated to a new server. You may experience some issues with our website as we work to ensure we're 100% complete with the migration.

If you have any problems, feel free to post in the forums.

Thank you!