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09-09-2017 23:10
I fly home Monday, looking forward to getting back into development.

09-07-2017 05:15

09-06-2017 07:38
Glad to see ya posting there Netrix Shopping

09-05-2017 04:33
Sorry I've been inactive. Out of town for business trip. How is everyone?

08-02-2017 07:13
Which ever way you think works best Netrix! You know some will not go to ver 9, so it needs to handle both

08-01-2017 06:09
I personally feel that code snippets doesn't belong in FAQ, but I have another option coming.. Wink

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NEW - Sexual Orientation Userfield With Images - UPDATED
Version 1.01 Added September 13, 2017 in Other Add-ons
NEW - Gender Userfield With Images
Version 1.00 Added September 13, 2017 in Other Add-ons
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Version 3.2.0 Added July 23, 2017 in Infusions
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Google reCAPTCHA v2 API
Version 1.0 Added July 06, 2015 in Integrations
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Version 1.00 Added May 06, 2015 in Infusions
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Spam Blaster TestingPrint

Spam Blaster TestingI'm currently testing the pre-alpha version of my Spam Blaster infusion live here as of today. Chances are you'll experience some issues. Please message me if issues arise.

The only locations the "Spam Blaster" is monitoring is with forum posts reply and creating a new topic.

USA NSS MovedPrint

NetworkThis site, our USA NSS, has been moved to a new host under NetriX's control! I was unable to continue hosting it due to personal life getting in the way so I could think of nobody better. Please thank him in the shoutbox and lets hope this site stays the go-to place for USA-based support for a long time.

Server Location MovePrint

PHP-FusionToday we moved to A2?s Serverhall in Amsterdam due to random connectivity issues and low response times. Some posts that was made 30 min prior to the move might have been lost in cyber space. I apologize if that happened.

With this location move we hope everyone will have a better connectivity experience !
This is in reference to the main site