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Got it to wook Smile It was firechat on icehumor that was in the way. Smile
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Hello Netrix,

Now I have copied my code and this works
on one of my test sites now, I am pleased

thank you

greeting Septron
Request for Netrix well, and bought the license and doing well, but I want will create notifications
Comments In: News, Articles, Downloads, Photos Etc.
Private Messages (Inbox) (When you get a new message)
Alerts From New Topics in the Forums
o the one code :)

edit message.php

add to line :

                    $sql = "INSERT INTO arrowchat_notifications (to_id, author_id, author_name, type, alert_time, misc1, misc2, misc3)
                            VALUES ('".$data['user_id']."', '".$userdata['user_id']."', '".$userdata['user_name']."', '1', '".time()."', '".$data['message_id']."', '', '')";

Above :

????????????????????$result = dbquery("INSERT INTO ".DB_MESSAGES." (message_to, message_from, message_subject, message_message, message_smileys, message_read, message_datestamp, message_folder) VALUES('".$data['user_id']."','".$userdata['user_id']."','".$subject."','".$message."','".$smileys."','0','".time()."','0')");
Well missing what I asked for but here are Netrix this sound like the facebook and converted to SWF
SpaM attached the following file:
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arrowcht have the 1.7 update? that the need Smile
I have reinstalled this on another server, another version and even after being logged in, I am getting the error, you must login or register to chat. I am logged into the site as an admin, does that matter?
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I've installed this once a long while ago for testing and if you follow his install guide video, it works fine. Whether you're admin or member doesn't matter, it should recognize your session.

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Those who understand binary,
and those who don't...
Okay, it isn't working.
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Are you experiencing the same issue as before, after following the guide?
Yes I am KasteR. I followed the guide step by step and to a T.
Chats and forums for everyone at LiVeLy Chat. Register free today:
I can take a look into this and see what's going on after work. I don't doubt your diligence. I know we have been able to get it to work as well as others. My point, there must be a way, and perhaps this may need updating.
I installed ArrowChat. First uploaded it to a folder called ArrowChat inside the root of my site, then uploaded Netrix's chat_panel to infusions. I followed the video tutorial step by step and nothing is displaying whatsoever. No chat panel or anything. I know everyone is correct. Can someone PLEASE help? It's installed on

I reinstalled it and added the code to my header and footer and it is working so something is apparently messed up with the chat_panel code.

What version of this was the chat_panel written for?

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