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How to get profile avatar to work across multi-sites

Does anyone know how to get profile avatars to display/show across PHP-Fusion V7.02.07 multi-sites from the avatar set in the profile of the main site? I've been running two sites for a few years and am trying to tweak them until I'm ready to jump to v9.x. My main site's DB prefix is fusionrsl15.

Following the v7 manual, the multisite_include.php on my second site looks like this:

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// Database table definitions
define("DB_ADMIN", DB_PREFIX."admin");
define("DB_ADMIN_RESETLOG", DB_PREFIX."admin_resetlog");
define("DB_ARTICLE_CATS", DB_PREFIX."article_cats");
define("DB_ARTICLES", DB_PREFIX."articles");
define("DB_BBCODES", DB_PREFIX."bbcodes");
define("DB_BLACKLIST", DB_PREFIX."blacklist");
define("DB_CAPTCHA", DB_PREFIX."captcha");
define("DB_COMMENTS", DB_PREFIX."comments");
define("DB_CUSTOM_PAGES", DB_PREFIX."custom_pages");
define("DB_DOWNLOAD_CATS", DB_PREFIX."download_cats");
define("DB_DOWNLOADS", DB_PREFIX."downloads");
define("DB_EMAIL_VERIFY", DB_PREFIX."email_verify");
define("DB_ERRORS", DB_PREFIX."errors");
define("DB_FAQ_CATS", DB_PREFIX."faq_cats");
define("DB_FAQS", DB_PREFIX."faqs");
define("DB_FLOOD_CONTROL", DB_PREFIX."flood_control");
define("DB_FORUM_ATTACHMENTS", DB_PREFIX."forum_attachments");
define("DB_FORUM_POLL_OPTIONS", DB_PREFIX."forum_poll_options");
define("DB_FORUM_POLL_VOTERS", DB_PREFIX."forum_poll_voters");
define("DB_FORUM_POLLS", DB_PREFIX."forum_polls");
define("DB_FORUM_RANKS", DB_PREFIX."forum_ranks");
define("DB_FORUMS", DB_PREFIX."forums");
define("DB_INFUSIONS", DB_PREFIX."infusions");
define("DB_MESSAGES", DB_PREFIX."messages");
define("DB_MESSAGES_OPTIONS", DB_PREFIX."messages_options");
define("DB_NEW_USERS", DB_PREFIX."new_users");
define("DB_NEWS", DB_PREFIX."news");
define("DB_NEWS_CATS", DB_PREFIX."news_cats");
define("DB_ONLINE", DB_PREFIX."online");
define("DB_PANELS", DB_PREFIX."panels");
define("DB_PHOTO_ALBUMS", DB_PREFIX."photo_albums");
define("DB_PHOTOS", DB_PREFIX."photos");
define("DB_POLL_VOTES", DB_PREFIX."poll_votes");
define("DB_POLLS", DB_PREFIX."polls");
define("DB_POSTS", DB_PREFIX."posts");
define("DB_RATINGS", DB_PREFIX."ratings");
define("DB_SETTINGS", DB_PREFIX."settings");
define("DB_SETTINGS_INF", DB_PREFIX."settings_inf");
define("DB_SITE_LINKS", DB_PREFIX."site_links");
define("DB_SMILEYS", DB_PREFIX."smileys");
define("DB_SUBMISSIONS", DB_PREFIX."submissions");
define("DB_SUSPENDS", DB_PREFIX."suspends");
define("DB_THREAD_NOTIFY", DB_PREFIX."thread_notify");
define("DB_THREADS", DB_PREFIX."threads");
define("DB_USER_FIELD_CATS", "fusionrsl15_user_field_cats");
define("DB_USER_FIELDS", "fusionrsl15_user_fields");
define("DB_USER_GROUPS", "fusionrsl15_user_groups");
define("DB_USER_LOG", "fusionrsl15_user_log");
define("DB_USERS", "fusionrsl15_users");
define("DB_WEBLINK_CATS", DB_PREFIX."weblink_cats");
define("DB_WEBLINKS", DB_PREFIX."weblinks");

My multi-site setup has been running fine far as I can see, with this one profile avatar exception.

Any help is appreciated.
I've honestly never used multi sites. Would be interesting to see how it works exactly. Unfortunately it'll be at least Thursday (8/30/18) before I can assist.

Maybe the main site can help?
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