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If a database has the following components:

faq_cat_id Faq_cat_came

1 Mary
2 Bill
3 Harry
4 Nancy
5 Andy

And I edit the db to alphabetize them like this:

1 Andy
2 Bill
3 Harry
4 Mary
5 Nancy

Would it any way damage the database to where Fusion wouldn't be able to read it?
You only need to edit the sql query with php.

I suggest reading this: https://www.w3sch...rderby.asp


$query = "SELECT Faq_cat_came, Faq_cat_id FROM ".DB_PREFIX." ORDER BY Faq_cat_came ASC";

That would sort the faq cat names alphabetically.

Been meaning to follow up with your faq question earlier this week, still very busy at work being at during peak season. And to boot, I spilled a whole cup of tea on my keyboard so it's drying out.. AHH!!
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Been there with the coffee on the keyboard myself, so I know the feeling....Thanks for the reply Netrix, I'll see which page I need to add that code to.

D'oH, I see one mistake I made.....faq_cat_came? Should have been faq_cat_name...

Again, thanks Netrix!
Can't figure out which page to place code on, my guess is
Edited the database by hand....changed the cat_id on the faq's first, then changed the numbering on the faq_cats by hand...took most of the afternoon, and I'll never do that again on line.....
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