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External Page Wrapper
Does anyone know if the External Page Wrapper that worked under fusion 7.02 will work with version 9? Also, there was a link for a version 3.0 of External Version Wrapper that I can't find anymore. If anyone has a link, please post it.
UPDATE: Version 3.0 of External Page Wrapper does not work with version 9.02 of php-fusion. It will not install and throws error messages.
Yes afoster, you are right.
A wrapper node without a path would mean that your whole site was being wrapped - this is also possible, but advanced. It can have some unexpected side-effects, as it necessarily acts by intercepting all your 404 requests and trying them on the target system.

Many different virtual locations can be wrapped with different rules on one installation, if needed. This happens by just creating another 'wrapper' type node.
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