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Video Infusion V3.1.1
I have Video Infusion V3.1.1 installed on PHP-Fusion V7.02.07. The infusion works just fine, gallery and all. But when I try to use/enable the latest video center panel, the enabled panel throws the theme off to where the right panel column wraps underneath the left and center panels, as if it's too wide and pushes the right panel farther out, making it warp around. I've tried this with a couple of different themes (black, Dark_Matrix, InsigniaFW, Radio_Black_v7) and they all do the same thing.

Has anybody experienced this and know of a fix?

Try upgrading to v3.1.2


v3.1.2 - Dec 19, 2014
- Column support
- Display breaks in certain browsers

I believe an element was not correctly closed.

If that doesn't work, post back, it should be an easy fix.

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Thank you, the V3.12 upgrade fixed it!
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