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User Store help
I am working on an infusion that would allow users to have there own store and be able to sell what they want on it. I have ran into a bit of an issue with displaying items in the shop. I am trying to limit the amount of items per row that display and not per page. My goal is to have 4 items per row in each category. this what it looks like atm. this is what i am trying to have it look like.

this is my code

            echo "
         echo "";
            $qtwo =
                            "SELECT si.*,i.*,it.* FROM ".DB_SHOPITEMS." si LEFT JOIN ".DB_ITEMS." i ON si.sitemITEMID=i.itemid LEFT JOIN ".DB_ITEMTYPES." it ON i.itemtype=it.itemtypeid WHERE si.sitemSHOP=".$_GET['shop']." ORDER BY i.itemtype, i.itembuyprice, i.itemname") or die(mysql_error());
            $st = "";
            while ($data = mysql_fetch_array($qtwo))
                if ($st != $data['itemtypename'])
                    $st = $data['itemtypename'];
   echo "";
          echo "";
            echo "
Browsing shop items at ".$shopdata['shop']."...







dziewalex attached the following file:
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Solved at PHP-Fusion UK, thread locked.
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