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Mass Photo Uploader
Netrix , i just came across something on the net that was a thread by you talking about creating a mass upload fusion? Did you ever create this?
Umm.. yeah that's been a while, lol..

Let me look in my cloud drive if it still exists.
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you do'nt think it might need updated for fusion 7.2?
Photo Mass upload is included in PF, so there is no need for a separate infusion anymore
Umm where and how because i can only upload 1 photo at a time
Make a folder under FTP_UPLOAD and place your photo's in it with FTP.
On PF-site under PHOTO Albums is een option "Upload folder with photo's"
Choose your folder and go
I don't see that ... I guess I am blind ..
OK found it now
LOL yeah i just figured out it blows .. it only allows for multiple uploads in folders where if i want others to see it and then i have to set it public and then other members have access to upload to that folder .. but its not accessible where i want it ..
I used to keep a copy of Netrix's multi-upload tool but it was lost when I moved to Linode. Man, I need better backups lol

There are 10 kinds of people in this world.
Those who understand binary,
and those who don't...
Until now I also used the embedded photo album creator / uploader.
But this seems only to be accessible for admins.
Is there a way to allow persons belonging to a certain group to allow access to it to?
I don't want them to give full admin access, just so they would be able to create new albums.

Edit : nevermind, found that it is possible to limit the admin rights
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