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Video Infusion v4 [DEV]
@rdk23 - I'm not sure what it is you're trying to accomplish exactly. Regardless, I'm sure the best course of action is for you to modify the included video panels for side and center; v3 panels should suffice.

v3 can still be upgraded to v4 with the PHP-Fusion 9 platform, but cannot be used for 7.02 versions.

v4 code is being re-developed from the ground up and any attachments currently hosted here are not being used.

I'll have some additional testing soon and offer up a new v4 testing sources.
Edited by NetriX on 06-01-2015 04:39
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Thanks NetriX for the answer, and the development of Video Infusion.
I trying ease the navigation in the selected category. On the watch page, under the player to show the video of this category. Video on related subjects available in that category.
Sorry, per Google translate.
Edited by rdk23 on 06-01-2015 05:49


NetriX wrote:


Rev 2 released

RSS Feeds
Layout Changed / Optimized
Secure Content Served
New Upload Settings

I do like the v3.12 layout more than in v4. I do not like in v4 a video screen to replace the categories. The categories list first, is the way to go. Anyway, best video infusion and easy to install (It is small and works from the box). Maybe for the future releases: Dailymotion support & more panels. Thanks!
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i need help ... i have download it and try to build it in my version 9 ... but i have all new installed and get now a error #error 2035

can anyone help?

non can help? Sad
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