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Infusion Creation Tutorials For V7
I have never really paid much attention before, but after doing some research trying to find a few tips and tricks for an infusion I have been working on, I have realized, I cannot seem to find a tutorial for creating infusions for PHP-Fusion 7 anywhere at all! I found an infusion creation tutorial for Fusion 6. Does anyone know of any tutorials out there that aid in the creation of infusions for PHP-Fusion 7?
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NetriX had started making a tutorial a while ago. Don't know if he ever finished it...

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Those who understand binary,
and those who don't...
Have you checked here?
I create newer, more professional videos in the future. For now that video should serve as a base. You can expect theme, infusion, editing tutorials.
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Homdax is available.... hint hint PHP-Fusion Eyes Crossed
...just one among some friends...
Thanks everyone!
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