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PHP - Best Practises
Excellent post on This interests me: A collection of useful best practices in modern PHP development, like

  1. Redirecting the user via header() after a form submit (to prevent resubmitting POST data)
  2. Getting rid of the outdated mysql_* functions
  3. PSR-styles, like not closing PHP tags
  4. Anti-XSS
  5. DRY coding
  6. separating application logic and output
  7. using prepared statements instead of old-school mySQL queries
  8. using try/catch instead of die() and exit()
  9. working with git
  10. caching
  11. design patterns
  12. utf-8
  13. learning to love and use frameworks
  14. security
  15. application testing
  16. documentation
  17. server-side validation
  18. error reporting

and much more ? This post will lift your development level dramatically. There?s a lot of stuff that could be added (like writing code that perfectly fits the PSR-guidelines, or Composer, or Vagrant), but in general the information given is extremely useful. Bookmark!
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Thank you for this. I will be going through it today.
Good read, sad that we don't follow many of the guidelines described in Fusion development.
Those are very good practices but several of them I don't follow because I don't know how they work. I'm a self-taught PHP coder with very little experience or formal training. I learned by hacking apart other's code and learning how to do the things I wanted by myself.

If I had formal training or any kind of schooling, I'm sure I could follow those. I'm doing good to get done what I can with the (limited) skills I have.

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