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Now I think this is going to be a difficult one, I want to make a mobile or phone version, for my site (or just a theme). Making the theme it self is not really the part of the problem for me, but I need something like a switcher. I know there are codes witch can detect that if you visit the site with a mobile or not, but that's not really a good think because I want an option (for example in the bottom of the page) to switch back to the normal (desktop) version.

Any idea or solution would be very helpful, I know there are a lot of smart guys here. Grin

We have a couple of guys working on this. Hien recently showed interest in picking this up, and Rolly (both over at the 8 site) has an experimental theme adapted for cell phones. I think I may put up a development environment for this on [][/url], which I happen to own.
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...just one among some friends...
That would be nice. Smile
Rolly both over at the 8 site has an experimental theme adapted for cell phones.
Modern PHP-Fusion 9 themes, at least some of them, will be developed using Bootstrap technology.

If coded properly, the webpage will adapt to any viewing device, whether phone, kindle, notebook, etc..

Just an FYI.
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