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Video Infusion for iphone and android
I install Video Infusion 3.0.3 everything works fine except that nothing on the smartphone does not pass videos how to enable this function.
exuse my English
? thank you
You'll need to ensure that the video is supported by your phone and is in h264 codec encoding.

YouTube videos should also work.
I have checked but the drive does not appear on my galaxy s3 on samsung mobile chrome browser and I even use the youtube link on your site works well on my phone, while on my site does not work not, and I try with HTML5 youtube link https://www.youtu...detailpage but nothing.
here is what appears on my phone
help me please Shock
Please read.

thank you for your answer
how to apply the code to your brew? What this infusion walking on your site and not on mine?
help me please
I have also installed Video Infusion 3.0.3 software on my Samsung Galaxy SIII that work very well. This software help me very well to play video on Android that also provide great features which are very useful for Android users.
You need to check the compatibility of the device. If its not supporting upgrade the device or Video Infusion 3.0.3 software
It's working very well on my mobile device. May be this issue due to mobile compatibility or version is not updated.
Don't forget to check the compatibility of the device first

>brucekenway wrote:

Don't forget to check the compatibility of the device first

yes, i think so you!
I had the same problem until I have update the version of the playerSmile Now it works fine for me
Infusion 3.0.3 is working fine at my end
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