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Fusion CK

Fusion CK is a PHP-Fusion Addon with a purpose built to make News / Article content easy to edit and maintain. FCK will allow you to directly upload images and other content within the form itself, cutting out the need to manually upload your image files into their respective directories.

  • Developed for Articles and News
  • Allows pasting an image directly into the document
  • Allows drag&drop from the computer to the document
  • Provides toolbar buttons to upload files and images with the minimum number of steps.
  • Enhance the dialogs with drag&drop uploads
  • Show upload progress and cancel, as well as preview of images or file size for documents

This addon for PHP-Fusion 7.02 currently costs $10 nothing and can be purchased.

Download Here

[size=28]Fusion CK is now FREE!
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Edited by NetriX on 09-30-2017 21:24
damn ten dollars , that could be useful for my site
Perhaps noting that profit earned goes directly into my server costs which ties directly into all my PHP-Fusion development will put potential buyers at ease. Cool

Regardless, the next release, sometime this week, will include a file browser to select already uploaded files.

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I really really need a simplified graphics management for news items since I have morons needing to be able to handle it and the most frequent issue is the ability to attach/insert/post news with images and they do it wrong. Always. Fusion is not very userfriendly there.

I shall pay out of my blood sweat and tears, and claim a refund once some of my n00bs fail to do this.

Na Na Na nanana
...just one among some friends...
I need to ask, I have some small mods to user_profile and custom_pages. In user_profile we added TinyMCE since we expanded on those fields (for a personal presentation). Do you replace Tiny on all places, or just the standard ones? In custom_pages I removed the need for admin password, and the small EDIT button we put there, if you recall that one NetriX.
...just one among some friends...
TinyMCE isn't removed, the code is altered on news/articles administration to use the addon.

When TMCE is enabled, all other portions of your website aside from those two will use TMCE.
Need help? Having trouble?
» View our Documentation for guides, functions and more - including the [url=
This addon has been released for FREE! Enjoy
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