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Fusion Groups [Beta]
This was released in 2011 and has not been updated, I'm unaware of any issues this infusion can cause or flaws it may have. Test at your own will privately until I can confirm it's stable.

About: This infusion allows members of your community to create there own user group, upload images, invite members to join, discuss with there group, etc.

Allows "Group Logo" to be uploaded to represent the group as an image.

User Ranks: Give members of your group "ranks" and special "colors" according to there rank.

This infusion is currently beta but has been tested to working standards. There are still several addons I'm working on for this infusion so don't judge too quickly.

If you would like to test out this infusion, download the attached file below and "infuse" it.

Live Demo
NetriX attached the following file:
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Edited by NetriX on 04-01-2014 06:06
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Can I join the NetriX Fan Club... pleeeaaaseee Grin

I know the site for this. I am hosting Kinships for LOTRO, this could become a nice workaround to pop up a site for every Kinship...maybe... if the functionality were expanded to Group Forums and dedicated graphics.
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very cool plug but I have a problem with sending the invitation to the group, the link that the user was on the news does not work, it gives me have any side

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I have fixed the issue you're referring to and updated the attachment.

Please note this infusion does have several other bugs that I'm aware of that have yet to be fixed.

I had planned on scrapping the entire code and starting anew with the project with the same ideas in mind, my coding compared to 2011 is .. well different.
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This system is similar to a "groups" scenario from another software I used to use. This would be a wonderful addon. I used to use the similar software for Guilds for a MMORPG I used to play. The group was required to be your guild name, and the image had to be a screenshot of your guild logo (from in-game). Only the Guild Master could create the guild group since they were the only ones with permission on the site to do so (other than Admin).

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Seems to work perfectly on version 7.02.07. I just installed it and created a group and tested the group comments and it's working fine so far.

I did notice it adds three errors to the Error log. Those errors are:

mysql_insert_id(): No such file or directory Line: 100

Undefined variable: newname Line: 99 September 17 2017 09:13:14

mysql_insert_id(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead Line: 100

I have some ideas for features for this if you intend on improving it. How about a group photo gallery, a chat system and group downloads/files to start. That would be cool. Right now they really don't offer much for members other than comments but it is a really unique and cool Infusion.
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