John is leaving
NewsAs you may or may not have noticed, John was removed from the administrators yesterday. (9/23/12)

I won't delve into all of the details but, he had to make a very difficult choice on what to continue programming and had to cut out a significant amount of his workload just to keep his more profitable programming alive.

John was a great administrator and a very talented programmer.

With that said. I will be making an official list of administrator duties and several additions and clarifications on this site in the future. Once the administrator duties have been better defined, we'll be looking for more people to add to the USA team.

PHP-Fusion V8 Official Addons
PHP-FusionOne of the major changes you'll see in v8 will be what comes with the core package.

The idea is to make the core as small as possible. So, most of what we call "core" is actually being removed and turned into Official Addons. News, Articles, BBCodes, Contact, Custom pages, among many, many others, are being turned into Official Addons that can be infused and defused just like any other addon.

With that said, the list of Official Addon's that will be included in the "core" v8 package download are going to be:

BB Codes
Custom Pages

For more info, feel free to visit the v8 Dev site!

Privacy Policy & TOS
MembersOur Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Code of Conduct have been (finally) published.

All members and staff are expected to follow these rules at all times when in communication with anyone else from the community or when they interact with the site.

These rules are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the administration staff.

Privacy Policy & TOS