Site Issues
Ok guys,

Sorry for the downtime, connection issues, and other problems with the site.

Unfortunately, we had a serious issue with the server configuration and my host moved me to another server on the same network. This was supposed to clear up the issues and was supposed to be a quick move with only DNS to worry about.

That didn't happen the way it was planned and have been fighting other problems since then. The issues should nearly be over since all of my sites seem to be running good for the past 12 hours. I'll let everyone know when it's all cleared up.

Again, sorry for any inconvenience.


Update: Our host made some hardware, firmware, and software updates that greatly increased the speed and decreased loading times on all of my sites. The stability is better than ever and our site is running lightning fast as far as I've seen. If anyone has any problems with the site, please send me a PM or reply to this news post.
NetriX Promoted!
NewsAfter asking him for the third time, NetriX has accepted our offer for him to become an Administrator here at PF.USA

His duties will include, among others, new user registrations and forum moderation.

As our focus is shifted toward PHP-Fusion v8, things around here at PF.USA will be slow-going, but once things calm down and level off, we'll be able to pick up speed working with this site and community.

As always, feel free to invite other PHP-Fusion users from the USA to join this site. We'll be more than happy to welcome all local users!
v8 Needs You!
PHP-Fusion v8 Development
needs developers like you!
Get over there and show them what the USA can do!
(Image by Halisson Ricardo)