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Where Is Everyone?
It appears this site is dead as no one responds to posts or private messages. It is unfortunate as at one time it was a very good resource for anything php-fusion related. Then again, it seems that most of the "old" php-fusion sites have dropped out or are not updating anything.
You're right, it's tough to remain motivated. Especially when our entire support staff - other than I - has abandoned ship.

I wished things would pick up with v9, but its' release keeps getting pushed back.

We shall see what the future holds.

p.s. I've been down due to PC issues, new build just arrived Monday so all is well.
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Thanks for your response and sorry to hear about the support staff abandoning ship. I truly believe that the constant delays to get v9 out and updated has caused many sites to give up especially since the new version has no backward capability as it relates to infusions and mods. Not to mention it seems way too complicated for any but very good coders which is going to further alienate some users. As you say, time will tell and it is a matter of how much more time will pass before it all settles down.
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