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R8HL Mobile RC
Translated with Google

Hello here I want my project R8HL Mobile RC representation.

Mobile website
A mobile website is a presence on the Internet that is specifically optimized for use on mobile devices.
Mobile websites are the publication of content on mobile devices and are usually an addition to the 'normal' desktop website. Most often they are used currently for the reproduction of informal texts, editorial content , they also provide contact and background information. Due to the growing popularity of mobile devices to solutions for the implementation of other functions , such as online mobile shops are under active development .
Text Sources: wki

The actual inspiration for this project was born from the idea of @ Baby Tunes , but since he has not pursued this project , I have developed it for myself.

R8HL Mobile RC is a pure infusion and is used to connect mobile devices to your website .
It is an alternative to Responsive Theme and has been used in a different form.
Based on the basis of Core : modified PHP-Fusion 7:02:07 adapted and has all the necessary functions to the content of the page is set to .

News , articles, etc. are not only provided immediately but can also be written and edited.
A separate admin section in the homepage allows you to adjust and customize the mobile view independently from the main page , the navigation can be planned individually .

Installation: Installation time approximately 5 minutes
Package unpack , upload content to the server , installing , User Field and BBC activate finished, ready for use no changes to the files needed.

All the necessary files to operate the mobile function, it will overwrite any files.
Other necessary files are in the existing Core : PHP-Fusion 7:02:07 exist.
Theme Two : Mobile_Stylo , Mobile_Battlefield_3
Two Language : German , English

Admin area :
Mobile Navigation Links : to manage the navigation
Mobile images : to upload and manage images of APPs
Mobile Panel : Home Links , Home Center, Home Tools, Home Right
Mobile BB- code : for that should come only on the Mobile to manage use of the BBC
Mobile Options : Navi link per row, allow users to change settings , scalability , scale, Navi display ( Select, APPs ) , Mobile Home , Mobile Theme Default , Mobile welcome text , maintenance mode and News

Edit Profile : each user can have its own Mobile Manage Preferences ( in HP and Mobile )

Extensions: Mobile can be expanded condition by infusion , panel : the HP Installs and are active on mobile specially adapted .

Reference pages :

Product description: (German) R8HL Mobile RC v.1.0.0

Download: R8HL mobile RC

Photo Gallery: Album: R8HL Mobile RC

Have fun
Greeting Rolly8 HL
What is important for others must not be as important for me!
I'm stubborn, Unteachable, in protest I do not what others believe is right!
This gives a thought to it?
Awesome contribution Rolly8-HL! Really good work, thank you for sharing with us. And keep up the momentum.
Translated by GOOGLE

So I took the infusion created Rolly8-HL. And must say great thing. He has also adapted the theme to the mobile me. I am fully satisfied.

Greeting MarioMP24
Sorry for my bad english Frown
Very NICE infusion! The only issue I see is that there are some areas that have not been properly translated to English, but with a little time and effort, you could do this yourself otherwise excellent work!
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